John M. Fredal, Jr., DDS

Meet Dr. John

Dr. John graduated from the University of Detroit School of Dentistry in 1986. After graduating from dental school. Dr. John continued his learning under the mentorship of his father, John Sr., who had been practicing for 25 years. Dr. John worked alongside his father for the next 15 years.

While his father’s knowledge of dentistry was invaluable, times were changing in dentistry. New technologies arose, which Dr. John embraced. Time to teach dad a few tricks. New techniques in endodontics advanced root canal therapy by leaps and bounds. The digital world hit dentistry, not only in the clerical end of things but also in the operatory: charting, educational tools, even x-ray technology.

New Technologies and Techniques

Digital x-rays allowed for instant imaging that could be increased in size, enhanced, and processed with a fraction of radiation exposure. His patients could readily see what was being diagnosed with the radiographs and through an intraoral camera on their own monitor. The digital technology moved to crowns by way of Cerec crowns.

There was no longer the need for sloppy impression material and burdensome temporaries. No two-week wait for the crown to be made at a lab. Using Cerec, 3D images are captured with a series of pictures, and the crowns are CAD designed then milled out of pressed porcelain. They look natural in the mouth and are done in one appointment.

Another area of dentistry that has been gratifying for Dr. John has been orthodontics. He has been doing Invisalign orthodontics for over 15 years. All of these changes in dentistry have been of great benefit to our patients and their families.

Dr. John’s Practice

Dr. John officially took over the practice in 1997 and has been a mentor to his own associates since. He has enjoyed mentoring, and he continues to learn as the profession evolves.

Happily, his daughters also chose dentistry as their profession. He proudly welcomed his oldest daughter, Elizabeth Fredal Malek, into the practice as a dentist in 2019 and his youngest daughter, Anna Fredal in the Summer of 2021. Who knows where dentistry will take us? But one thing’s for sure, we’ll keep advancing and welcoming new patients to the office.

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